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                                        About Us


We are proud to announce Premier Fight Series, MMA is the fastest growing sports in the world & many fighters and fans are clamoring to be a part of he action. Whether it be in the crowd, as a sponsor, or a contestant, everyone who is involved knows the excitement that takes place.

Rafael Casias, Premier Fight Promotions matchmaker has long been in the MMA and boxing scene as a trainer and a manager. He managers and trains some of the top talent in the nation, with several of them having contracts with UFC and other top MMA organizations. He knows the necessity of quality bouts and will provide the best fight cards available. 

Ricky Barrientes, Premier Fight Promotions marketing team leader & co-owner/founder has well over a decade promoting and coordinating major events.  Whether it is MCeeing a bout, promoting, or coordinating an event, Ricky has the reputation of quality work with top talent in the entertainment industry. He has been co-event coordinator at one of the largest car shows in the nation. He has negotiated performance contracts with Grammy and Oscar award winning artists.  Mr. Barrientes has also kept even national sponsors to the event happy year in and year out with positive results.

John Barrientes, Event coordinator & founder  is a solid business person with over 20 years in the automotive repair and restoration business he knows how to keep customers happy and having a keen business sense. With everything said we know and pursue quality and reliability. It is who we are. Be sure to hop on this winning team as early as possible if you feel Premier Fight Promotions is a team you are willing to grow with. Sponsorships and media partnerships are currently available.

Texas Premier Fight Series  "We ARE the action"

John & Ricky Barrientes