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Premier Fight Series A-3

  October 24th located @ The Midland Center

Premier Fight Series put on their third amateur show at the Midland Center on October 24. The card featured 9 fights, including a female fight, and a title fight. Outside of the intermissions, the card was action packed from the opening bell to the final bell.

The opening fight was Michael Andrews, taking on Richard Berry, in his MMA debut. Andrews displayed sharp, crisp striking, to control the fight. Berry showed heart and toughness, but couldn’t handle the striking of Andrews. In the second round, Andrews landed a big right hand that dropped Berry, jumped on him with a few more punches, then the ref stepped in. The next fight was a back and forth scrap between Raul Coy and Carlos Govea. Right off the bat, Coy comes out and lands a head kick on Govea. Coy’s toes landed most on Govea’s face, so it didn’t do much damage. Govea was able to get the early takedowns and cause damage on the ground, while Coy had a solid place on the feet. Coy would mix it up with clenches, and takedowns of his own, while Govea looked for submissions on the bottom. The fight would go to, click here to read more on Mike the truth Jacksons site. 

Written by: Mike the Truth Jackson
                                     Premier Fight Series A-1

                                              October 18th located @ C.A.F. Museum 
9600 Wright Dr Midland International Airport (MAF) 

We are just weeks away from our latest edition of Premier Fight Series. When the doors open for our next event there have been roughly 18 months since our last offering to the mma world. We are happy to be giving a whole new set of individuals an opportunity to enter the cage. The next show will be October 18th 2014 at the nostalgic C.A.F. Airpower Museum in Midland Texas. Yes, it is in a museum, home to many vintage warplanes and exhibits. Our October offering is geared towards the amateur side of mma. We believe in nurturing and building up the ammy scene to better build long lasting and safer careers. These warriors will be proud to fight on the inaugural Premier Fight Series Amateur Edition 1. Texas Fight Night will also be filming and airing each matchup. We are happy to be bringing our own touch on the West Texas mma scene. We sure hope you enjoy it as well. In the coming weeks we will be having exclusive ticket giveaways and ppv passes to fans like yourself who signed up to our email list. We will be having another of our epic meet and greet get together soon,  as well as streaming it live for the world to see on Premier Fight Series Please hit like on our facebook page Premier Fight Series fo
r exclusive content and updates daily. Thank you all for your time and continued support. Premier Fight Series, We are the Action.